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Spanish Programs

The Montessori School for Young Children’s Spanish Program is an important part of our Preschool students’ days (Monday- Friday PMs,Tuesday through Friday AMs.)

Children are taught basic vocabulary as a cornerstone.  As their range of understanding develops, children are introduced to lessons about the cultures, traditions, and people that together make the Spanish speaking world.

Our study of the Spanish culture integrates art, music, movement, cooking, geography, literature, lifestyle, and science.

Barb Francis

Spanish Teacher Barb Francis
Lead Spanish teacher Barb Francis’ passion for travel and understanding other cultures, as well as her myriad interests including bird watching, vegetable gardening, writing, playing word games, and cooking all contribute to her fun-filled Spanish classes.  Miss Barb teaches our morning Preschool students and oversees our school’s Spanish curriculum.

She taught Spanish in eight Lincoln elementary schools before coming to MSYC in 1985, where she’s been encouraging children through movement, artwork, and music to learn another language ever since.

Miss Barb grew up in northern California and Sacramento. After living in Maryland, New York state, the Philippines, Colombia, South America, and Norway, she moved with her husband to Lincoln in 1977.

Although she received some educational training at the University of California Davis and Cornell University, her teaching methods and curriculum are her own.  She says:

I love teaching Spanish at MSYC because of the great students, faculty, and staff. Teaching energizes me.

A mother of three and grandmother of three, Miss Barb wishes that “there was more respect and protection for the beautiful planet we live on and the people of this world.”

Miss Ingrid


Alumni Spanish Club

After graduating from MSYC, alumni students are invited to return for our Alumni Spanish Club program.  Participation in this program is an excellent way for students to maintain their friendships with former classmates and to build upon the Spanish language foundation Miss Barb and Miss Jordan helped create at MSYC.  Students currently enrolled in the club range in age from Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  The club is led by Jordan Dudley.

MSYC Alumni students may enroll in one of three clubs.  All clubs meet weekly from 4:30-5:30pm at the school.  Students can be enrolled for a club on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  The tuition for MSYC’s Alumni Spanish Club is based on the number of sessions students meet each month.  The average cost is $32 per month.  Please contact the school’s office (402-489-4366 or if your child is an MSYC alumni student who is interested in participating in this club.

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